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Laundry Logics in a
strategically cooperation

Together with Beirholm our company has agreed to join a strategic cooperation as with regards to industrial laundries.

After a successful Texcare back in June 2016 in Frankfurt with Beirholm, it was clear that we can offer the market better solutions, where we take into account several aspects in a laundry production.

We look forward to reap the benefits of the cooperation together with Beirholm. And simultaneously help to lift the standards in the industry.

In the same context Steen Soegaard goes to Beirholm with immediate effect. Steen has been a part of Laundry Logics since August 2012, where he has shared his knowledge of industrial laundries.

Steens tasks will be taken over and handled carefully by the other employees in the team. Laundry Logics wishes Steen good luck in the new framework of Beirholm, and we look forward to the cooperation.


  • Victor Vask
  • Regionsvask Holbæk
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+20% improvement in productivity

I’m running a versatile, Danish laundry. We have been in operation for more than 70 years. We process approx. 1,000 tons of laundry from hotels, hospitals, nursery homes, army, and the industry on a yearly basis, with 40 employees in the production in the height of the season.

I thought we were doing all right!

But the guys from Laundry Logics improved our productivity with more than 20 percent in the high season – corresponding to more than 15 percent full year.

That’s a lot of money. Every year. Laundry Logics also gave us the basis to reduce our water- and energy-consumptions – and they costed the expences of all our articles.

The expenditure for the modelling-proces? It simply evaporates in comparison to the gains we harvest now – and will continue to harvest in the coming years.

And my laundry isn’t one of the biggest!

Kenn Kjellberg, owner-manager (

Course: “Better bottom line – Knowledge that reduces costs”

Auspices: Laundering & Textiles Services Association, Confederation of Danish Industry. 

Objective: Increase the opportunities for better bottom lines in the participants’ laundries. 

Content: Learn concepts, methods and techniques to optimise laundry productions:

•  identify, recognise and analyse the classical issues in laundry productions,
•  methods and techniques to solve classical issues in laundry productions,
•  planning, execution and follow-up methods.


Thank you for a SUPER course! I would like to participate again next time.

Hans Lassen Christensen

Laundry Manager, Region Zealand

International reference examples:

• Elis, France: Design confirmation, entire laundry

• Blésoise, France: Cost accounting, entire laundry

• Pedersoli, Italy: Design concept, entire laundy

• Greif, Germany: Performance confirmation, laundry section

• Cabrini, Australia: Performance analysis, entire production

• BVT, Danish Industry Association: Concept & content, management courses