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+20% improvement in productivity

I’m running a versatile, Danish laundry. We have been in operation for more than 70 years. We process approx. 1,000 tons of laundry from hotels, hospitals, nursery homes, army, and the industry on a yearly basis, with 40 employees in the production in the height of the season.

I thought we were doing all right!

But the guys from Laundry Logics improved our productivity with more than 20 percent in the high season – corresponding to more than 15 percent full year.

That’s a lot of money. Every year. Laundry Logics also gave us the basis to reduce our water- and energy-consumptions – and they costed the expences of all our articles.

The expenditure for the modelling-proces? It simply evaporates in comparison to the gains we harvest now – and will continue to harvest in the coming years.

And my laundry isn’t one of the biggest!

Kenn Kjellberg, owner-manager (

Course: “Better bottom line – Knowledge that reduces costs”

Auspices: Laundering & Textiles Services Association, Confederation of Danish Industry. 

Objective: Increase the opportunities for better bottom lines in the participants’ laundries. 

Content: Learn concepts, methods and techniques to optimise laundry productions:

•  identify, recognise and analyse the classical issues in laundry productions,
•  methods and techniques to solve classical issues in laundry productions,
•  planning, execution and follow-up methods.


Thank you for a SUPER course! I would like to participate again next time.

Hans Lassen Christensen

Laundry Manager, Region Zealand

International reference examples:

• Elis, France: Design confirmation, entire laundry

• Blésoise, France: Cost accounting, entire laundry

• Pedersoli, Italy: Design concept, entire laundy

• Greif, Germany: Performance confirmation, laundry section

• Cabrini, Australia: Performance analysis, entire production

• BVT, Danish Industry Association: Concept & content, management courses