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Victor Vask got a 20 % increase in productivity

The Danish laundry Victor Vask on Bornholm (victorvask.dk) went from red to black bottomline, increasing productivity and reducing costs with Laundry Suite.

From 2012 to 2014 Victor Vask improved their productivity with more than 15% full year – with 24% in the height of the season.

The expenditure on energy and chemicals went down with 39%.

And the bottomline went black.



• busted the myths and put figures to the facts

Productivity & flow:

•  changed production flow (simulation)


• changed allocations (simulation)


• implemented structured follow up (score card)

• implemented general precautions

• tightened operations management (alignment of expectations)

• introduced the use of ”whips”


• re-allocated production from expensive WEs to the less expensive CBW

• changed category sequence through CBW and tumble driers


• calculations on all articles + focus on the unprofitable ones


• simulation and decommissioning of old machines

• elimination of a false bottle neck

• simulation of new workstations and layout.


Kenn Kjellberg, owner-manager:

I’m running a versatile, Danish laundry. We have been in operation for more than 70 years. We process 1,000 tons of laundry from hotels, hospitals, nursery homes, army, and the industry on a yearly basis, with 40 employees in the production in the height of the season.

I thought we were doing all right!

But the guys from Laundry Logics improved our productivity with more than 20 percent in the high season – corresponding to more than 15 percent full year.

That’s a lot of money. Every year. Laundry Logics also gave us the basis to reduce our water- and energy-consumptions – and they costed the expences of all our articles.

The expenditure for the modelling-proces? It simply evaporates in comparison to the gains we harvest now – and will continue to harvest in the coming years. And my laundry isn’t one of the biggest!