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Energy Simulator

We are simulation experts, but throughout the years our participation in multiiple energy projects let us to the development of our Energy Simulator, that is a unique tool to be used in the energy sector. Our main objective is to contribute to the green transition in every aspect we participate.

Our tool is ready to use in different contexts, e.g.

Testing new technology

Implementing new technology or pattern of production and consumption

Behaviour of energy systems

Everything are based on real figures. Production facilities, consumption patterns, households, transmission, distribution etc.

Energy Simulator introduces a rapid way to model an entire energy system with everything from energy source through transmission and distribution to consumption at the end-user.

The tool hands you the possibility to get indepth-insight to an existing system or even to test new concepts or changes wihtout risks.

A unique chance to see the impact and consequenses of a whole energy system with real data, real capacities, consumptions, wheater forecasts etc.

Energy simulation is creating fact-based decisions instead of gut-feelings. Knowledge about energy systems are used in our energy simulator that embraces e.g.:

Production technology

Consumption technology

Consumer behavior

Climate and Environment

Political behavior