Laundry Logics in a strategically cooperation

Together with Beirholm our company has agreed to join a strategic cooperation as with regards to industrial laundries.

After a successful Texcare back in June 2016 in Frankfurt with Beirholm, it was clear that we can offer the market better solutions, where we take into account several aspects in a laundry production.

We look forward to reap the benefits of the cooperation together with Beirholm. And simultaneously help to lift the standards in the industry.

In the same context Steen Soegaard goes to Beirholm with immediate effect. Steen has been a part of Laundry Logics since August 2012, where he has shared his knowledge of industrial laundries.

Steens tasks will be taken over and handled carefully by the other employees in the team. Laundry Logics wishes Steen good luck in the new framework of Beirholm, and we look forward to the cooperation.