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Laundry Logics offer two different solutions that ensure your operational efficiency in planning, execution and follow-up: Laundry Simulator and Laundry Scorecard

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The Simulator is the only solution in the market that offers you the possibility of testing and quantifying your laundry’s potentials and your planning decisions in a virtual model of your own laundry.

It is a calibrated model of your laundry, as it performs today, as it could perform, or as it should perform, offering you the better alternatives.

It is a way to lift off the roof top of your laundry, focus on the specifics and analyse in details what is actually going on.

It is a way to identify bottle-necks, optimise flow of goods, and maximise capacity utilisations and employee contributions.

It puts figures to the assumptions, and quantify the otherwise hard-quantified.

It supports your laundry managers in their decision making, turning each of them into the best manager.






The Laundry Scorecard is an effective, low-cost solution to the problem of aligning expectations and following up on performance in laundry productions, as the production takes place.

It compares the actual performance with performance standards and pinpoints any departures that require special attention.

It makes use of a unique set of objective optimality indicators, which makes it possible to compare performance across different laundries.

It focuses and presents the essentials, in ready-to-act-upon ways.

It offers you drill-depth, making you able to go from an overall productivity for the entire laundry, via productivities for each department and a specific workplace, to a specific employee and a single category.

It’s effective in its way to follow up on efficiency.




Top-photo: Jonas Ahlstrøm

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