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Why speculate, when you can simulate

Any investment involves risk-taking. With Laundry 3D-simulation we put figures to and stress-test your design, identify bottle necks and calculate the new potentials – risk free. Laundry 3D-simulation is a revolutionary tool for new laundries as well as investments in existing laundries.

We ensure your set-up

Based on your draft of a new production setup or even a new laundry, we want to assist and guide you to optimised concepts. And provide you with design and performance confirmation of the concept, based on your laundry’s specific terms, e.g.:

• Layout and flow
• Categories / articles
• Wash, dry and finish programmes

You’ll be able to test your laundry’s future performance without all the risks – before making your investment.

We quantify your costs and consumptions

• Get insight into costs and consumptions for every category / article.
• Be able to pinpoint and prioritise categories/articles or customers, that are profitable.
• Laundry 3D simulation can even provide a complete and specified total variable cost budget.

We sharpen your strategy, execution and competetive edge

Strategy and daily management are crucial to your laundry.
Use our solutions to:
• Forecast, test and verify your production strategy and execution
• Train and educate employees

We provide you with unique Key Performance Indicators

You’ll be provided with several key figures such as:

• All major consumption

• Utilisations

• Output, and

• The unique allocation efficiencies.

It is all about fact-based decisions.