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Laundry Logics are specialised in operations management and execution in heavy duty laundries. We are predictive power & operational efficiency. We are a privately-held, world leading company that revolutionised the laundry industry with our software-based planning, forecasting and follow-up tools.


Operational efficiency

We make any laundry manager able to unlock any laundry’s full production potential. And vice versa

Predictive power

We forecast the impact of changes on any laundry’s specific production and operating costs.


We give you the tool to follow up on your production’s performance, in real-time.

We supply our customers with:

• Potential analysis & quantification

• Execution plans & measures

• Performance estimates

• Follow up

• Cost accounting

• Change process supervision

Our business idea

Laundry Logics’ business concept is to offer heavy duty laundries functional and well designed software that supports production managers in their decisions on product flow and allocation of employees (decision support), in their follow-up on results (management support), and to make both support systems available at a cost with a payback time calculated in weeks or months.

We make our customers able to: Process more, more effectively, with improved economic results.

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